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Recording Session of the soundtrack of « Un Monde plus Grand »


directed by Fabielle Berthaud


Dada Studio (Belgique) – April 2019


Recording Session for the movie Rialto


Directed by Peter Mackie Burns


British Grove Studio – december 2018

Valentin Hadjadj


Themes & Variations inspired by Girl’s soundtrack

Label : Deutsch Grammophon

Video of the recording session

« April and the Extraordinary World »

Animated feature of Franck Ekinci & Christian Desmares

Making of the music :

« Souvenir »

Long feature film directed by Bavo Defurne

« Artificial Landscapes »

Short movie directed by Jérémy Tran


« L’Infini »

A short film by Lukas Dhont (2014) Synopsis :  » The young Oscar is confronted with the return of his father. »

« Hors Cadre »

Short animated movie directed by Celestin Casetta, Fabien Robert, Flavie Vogler, Jérémy Fumet, Laurent Chorier, and William Eiselé (2014)

« Le Mystère Ettore Majorana »

Documentary Film about the life of the famous scientist directed by Camille Guichard with Etienne Klein. Broadcasted on French TV France 5

« Replay »

Short animated movie from ESMA (unofficial soundtrack)




« Le Pli dans l’Espace »

A short film directed by Ann-Julie Vervaeke (2014) Synopsis : Allison is an eleven-year-old girl with divorced parents. When her mother decides to move with her new partner and is son, Allisson is facing the reality of a patch-work family. On the way to their new house, Allisson blocks completely. She repeatedly tries to call her father in the hope that he will come and get her. She finds herself in a fold between past and present. Does Allison succeed to overcome herself in a world full of memories, desires, fears and hopes? Does she come to realize that her need for love and harmony might be closer than she initially suspected?


« Z »

Short movie directed by Thomas Scohy.


« À la Conquête du Pôle »

Film concert on movie directed by Georges Méliès (1912)





Alberto Iglesias, Pino Donaggio, Brian Byrne et Valentin Hadjadj


T'as Pécho
Under the Stars of Paris (feature film)
Un Monde Plus Grand (Feature Film)
A la Mode
Rialto (Feature Film)
Roger (TV Serie) 78 x 7'
Mr Henderson (short)
Mappemonde (Short)
Je suis Timide (Short)
Peter Pan - The Quest of the Neverbook
Girl - Themes & Variations
Ubac (Short)
Girl (feature film)
April and the Extraordinary World (feature film)
"Lost & Found" Milka Advertising
Wilson (short)
L'ami d'Enfance (short)
L'Infini (short)
Karl (short)
Charon (webserie)
Un Soir de Mars (Short)
Artificial Landscapes (short)
Le Mystère Ettore Majorana (Documentary)
Hors Cadre (short)
Fortune Guru (short)
Souvenir (feature film)
Le Pli dans l'Espace (short)
"Z" (short)


Passionate about film and film music, I decided to integrate the music class of the National Conservatory of Music in Lyon to train me. During this course, I honed my feeling about image, developed a personal musical language and worked with different animation schools like « ESIA 3D » or « La Poudrière ».

I also was awarded of the « Third Character », of the « Meridian Workshop » and « Master Class of composition » in Aubagne, but also in the artistic residency DUO, organized by « La Maison du Film Court ».

During my career, I worked on several kind of movies, with different directors by addressing a wide variety of formats : shorts films – with directors like Lukas Dhont, Ann-Julie Vervaeke, Thomas Scohy-, animated films, commercial advertisements, corporate movies and documentary films. Always open to other artistic dimensions, I dove recently into the world of Artificial Landscapes, pluridisciplinary movie putting together dance, architecture, music and video, directed by Jeremy Tran and selected among others festivals to the « Biennale de la Danse » in Lyon. I have also been led to compose several film concerts for orders, for full orchestra or smaller ensembles such as the Debussy Quartet.

In 2012, I had the pleasure of receiving the « Award for Best Young European Composer » at the World Soundtrack Awards of the FilmFestival in Ghent (Belgium), a distinction that gave me opportunity to work on many international projects : Gérard Corbiau (The King is DancingFarinelli) entrusted me the music of his last project, and I co-composed with Thomas Lauderdale -Pink Martini‘s leader- the music of the second feature film of Bavo Defurne, Souvenir.

In 2015, I composed the music for the animated film « April and the Extraordinary World » directed by Franck Ekinci and Christian Desmares with among others the voice of Marion Cotillard, Jean Rochefort, Olivier Gourmet and Marc-André Grondin. The film received in June the Cristal for Best Feature Film of the Annecy Film Festival, but also the award for Best Soundtrack of the Monstra Festival in Lisbon.

Recently, the UCMF (Union des compositeurs de musique de film) granted me the Award of Best Young Film Music Composer in 2016.


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